Hills Valley Coalition Announces Marci Hopkins as Keynote Speaker

What if we surrendered to the idea of not hating ourselves, not comparing ourselves to others, breaking bad habits and letting go of perfectionism? Perfectionism, coping and addiction all go hand-in-hand. At its core, addiction is an unhealthy coping mechanism that we use in an attempt to soothe our nervous system.

What if we accepted that life does not have to be perfect and we began to break the old cycles and leaned into our fears?

Recovery expert and award-winning TV personality, Marci Hopkins will share tips on how you can do this for yourself and how you can help your children live a life without comparison, learn positive coping mechanisms and create a strong foundation from which they can grow.

There will be a Q and A following the keynote with Tanvi Mathew, MS, LPC. Ms. Mathew is the Founder and Clinical Director of Emerge – The Counseling & Coaching Center.

Register here.

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