February 23, 2015
April 13, 2015

Time: 5:00-6:30pm

Montvale Municipal Building
12 Mercedes Drive

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Gale Mangold
Hills/Valley Coalition Co-Chair
Pascack Hills SAC
201-358-7020 x22012

Hills/Valley Coalition for Resilient Youth

Woodcliff Middle School Raises Anti-Drug Education Funds
Woodcliff Middle School staff including Physical Education teacher Tiffany Kirk, School Nurse Michelle Herrmans, and Guidance Counselor, Susan Loeb created a powerful anti-drug program for Red Ribbon Week that included the creation and sale of t-shirts with an original anti-drug message. Their students submitted over 300 student slogans. The winning slogan selected and printed on the shirts was created by student Ava Henrich.  “Be a warrior against drugs. You’re not just hurting yourself.” Art teacher Shawn McCabe designed shirts using school colors.  Over $400 in proceeds from the sale of the shirts was donated to the Hills Valley Coalition.

Pictured are Principal Rob Lombardy, Michelle Herrmans, Ava Henrich, and Susan Loeb  presenting the check to Gale Mangold as Co-Coordinator of the Hills Valley Coalition.

The Hills/Valley Coalition for Resilient Youth  “HVC”
is an alliance of community members, municipal leaders, health providers,
law enforcement officers, and school officials who are committed
to prevention education for a safe and substance free environment
for youth and families in Hillsdale, Montvale, River Vale and Woodcliff Lake.

Our Mission is to educate and inform the community-at-large
about how to promote a healthy, safe, and substance-free environment
that encourages the development of a positive lifestyle for our
youth and reduces at-risk teen behavior.

Hills Valley Coalition

This non-profit organization is staffed entirely by volunteers, who work hard to promote a healthy lifestyle message. The Coalition was founded in 1996 and since that time has
accomplished many important tasks.  

  • The “Hills/Valley Coalition News” – a quarterly newsletter to inform and educate parents about teenage issues which relate to the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Organizing and presenting parent programs on relevant topics (i.e. Club Drugs, Host Liability, Binge to Blackout, Wired Kids, Pharming in the Garden State, Teen Depression, Parenting: Who's Ruling the Roost) for parents of middle and high school students.

  • Promote “Safe Homes” program.

  • Encouraging alternative substance-free activities for teens in the community.

  • Assistance in reviewing sound school policies regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in and around school.

  • Publicizing school prevention efforts on local access television programs.

  • Maintain a HVC Website  www.hilsvalleycoalition.org to enlighten and motivate community members and organizations to take positive actions.